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Please choose which course you will attend and if you are specialist or resident. Limited number of participants for the complete course with dissection.*

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10% reduction of the fee for complete course for EAFPS and/or ERS members (not for dinner).

By direct credit transfer, in Euro ‘in full’ to ensure no commission fees or bank charges are deducted. The payment should be clearly identified with your name and the name of this course. Cheques and credit cards are not accepted. Please mention also IBANnr and BICnr.

*Payment for the complete course: only after confirmation of participation.

ABN/AMRO Amsterdam St. Aero
IBAN NL52ABNA0451037596

Registration will be closed September 5th, 2018.
Cancellation costs 50% before September 5th, and 100% after September 5th, 2018.