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The 22nd International Course in Modern Rhinoplasty techniques will showcase the expertise and knowledge of world renowned surgeons in the field of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery. The symposium is part of the course but it is also possible to subscribe for the symposium separately. This year the symposium is entitled Dealing with the Extremes.

Testimonials of participants

Dear doctors,

I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank the Executive Board of the European Rhinologic Society and the AMC staff, Prof. Hellings and Prof. Fokkens, for giving me the chance to participate in the “22nd International Course of Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques”, held recently in Amsterdam.

It was an honor and a pleasure to receive this fellowship course being it a wonderful event to attend with the participation of world-renowned specialists who took the time and had the patience on sharing their knowledge and experience with us.

The training and involvement acquired during these days has enriched my professional capabilities regarding this surgical procedure giving me the opportunity to consolidate previous knowledge and deal with past uncertainty.

As I reiterate my appreciation and gratitude, I also want certify my interest in recommending and participating in future rhinology courses and programs such as this one. Also, I make valid the opportunity to present to you all the assurances of my highest consideration. Hope we all meet again in a further opportunity.

Best regards,

ERS Junior Member

Congratulation to you for the organization such a course. The scientific and social programs were excellent. I sure that all of the participants and faculty members are very happy and enjoyed your very nice course. I know very good that organization of that course isn’t easy especially in another country! But you had a very good team of course.

I am writing this email to sincerely thank you for your professional help in attending the course successfully and to congratulate the course organizers particularly Prof. Hellings for the excellent organization and delivery of knowledge transfer to the participants. I wish your team all the best and continue your good work for all the future courses.
dr Shanmugam Genesan

Thank you. It was a nice learning experience.
Dr venkata ramana yamani



Course of 2015


Course of 2015